Small Space Storage Ideas for UCF Dorms

Storing all of your belongings in a small space can be a hassle – especially those UCF dorms. There’s nowhere to put everything, right? Wrong! There are many creative places to store items and ways to use all your space to its fullest.

When living in a small space or dorm, it is necessary to edit down your amount of items. There is no need to have seven pairs of scissors when you are living in a one bedroom apartment. Think about your necessities. The items you just can’t part with but have no room for can go into one of our spacious storage units! We can hold onto them for you until you need them again.

Use every drawer properly and completely. Organize it with dividers to maximize its use.

If you are in dire need of an extra room for an office, turn your closet into one! Clear out the winter clothes and put in a desk and shelves. Add a curtain so when company is over you can hide your secret, or leave it open and show off your space saving idea!

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