How to Store Your Holiday Decorations at UCF

We are back in school and are already a week into 2013. It might be a good time to take down all those holiday decorations before your UCF neighbors start to complain! Really organize your decorations this year so next holiday season will be even easier.

Most items, especially those holiday sweaters, will fit into boxes. For decorations, the boxes should be padded so the items do not break. Use wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect them. Keep the smaller, delicate items on top to keep them from getting crushed by larger items. Label each box so retrieving the decorations you want to use next year will be easier. Make sure to label the fragile boxes to ensure careful handling.

Not only do families in the UCF area, as well as students use extra space for storing holiday items, but so do businesses! Offices may have that cluttered back corner or closet filled with decorations. Storage units in the UCF area are a great, affordable option for seasonal storage.

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