5 Steps to Prepare For Spring Break 2016

Spring Break is an exciting time of the year for college students. Many students count down the days and plan huge vacations with their group of friends. It’s important that you prepare well for the week you will be out of town and on vacation.  There are important steps you should take to prepare before heading off campus. These steps will help you have a safe and stress free spring break.


 1. Do your homework. It’s important to make sure your homework is done. School doesn’t stop completely and you often will have homework due the week of spring break or the week after.  You want to make sure you aren’t rushing or struggling to get your homework turned in on time. Vacations can sometimes be exhausting. You want to be able to relax once you get home before school starts back up, not rushing to get that particular assignment done.

2. Pack toiletries. Make sure you pack toiletries. Don’t forget about your toothpaste and razors. You don’t want to have to spend more money on items you already have at home. You even want to pack toilet paper and cleaning supplies if you are renting a beach house or condo. Creating a checklist is a great way to make sure you pack all the essentials.

3. Know the Area. Before heading off you want to make sure you know the area you are going to. Know where the local police department and hospital is in case of an emergency. You also want to know your way around so you won’t be driving in circles or paying an outstanding amount in cab rides. You should do research on different restaurants, clubs, and bars. This will help when making plans.

show_maps4. Have a Plan. Making a plan is important so people aren’t arguing about where to go. You will know the places and which ones will be your best option instead of ending up in a restaurant that isn’t up to your standards. Sitting down as a group and deciding what days you will be doing what will help save time and frustration. You can make an itinerary so everyone knows what time they have to be ready and for what activity.

5. Secure your Valuables. When leaving your home for a week or even just a weekend, you want to make sure your valuables will be safe. Not everyone leaves the dorm rooms or apartments during the break. People are still at home and campus is open for people to walk around. Leaving your things in your dorm could be a risky. Try renting a self storage unit to keep your valuables safe. You will beat the summer prices and can keep the unit year round for summer and winter breaks.


Taking these steps will ensure you and your valuables make it back safe and sound from your vacation. Remember pack your toiletries, know the area, and have a plan! Now that you know how to prepare enjoy Spring Break 2016!

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