UCF Summer Storage: 5 Tips To Ensure a Stress Free Move-Out Day

Finals are around the corner and so is move out day. Some students are moving out of their dorms for summer and some even for good. There is nothing messier then a college dorm room after finals. Dirty clothes everywhere, dust bunnies on every surface, and trash overflowing onto the floor. Cleaning and packing is not the way you want to spend the last few days with your friends. Planning ahead with these 5 tips will make cleaning, packing, and moving less of a hassle and a faster process.


Be Prepared.

Buy boxes, tape, and other moving supplies early or remind mom and dad to bring them if they are helping you move out. Being prepared will save you time. You don’t want to have to run to the store in between packing because you ran out of tape.

Take Down Décor.

Start taking down your decorations early. Decorations aren’t an essential and you don’t need them for the last few weeks of school. When the last days come around you won’t have as much to pack and you will have more time to celebrate or say goodbye to your friends.


Spring Clean.

Use your extra time, if you have it, to spring clean. Dust, pick up trash, and do some laundry. This will make it easier to pack your belongings because you won’t be working around trash and dirty clothes. It also helps make the unpacking process quicker if you have clean clothes.

Make Piles.

Make three piles starting now. One for your summer needs, one for things you will not need until fall, and one for things you have not touched all year.  When you finish using something put it in the right pile.  This way the sorting starts early and your parents will be impressed rather than focusing on your Starbucks cups all over from finals.


Reserve a Storage Unit.

You know that pile you won’t need until fall? Store it away. This will save you space at home and space in the car when moving your things. This is great for out of state students that can’t drive their belongings home. Reserve your unit early for summer storage. When reserving your unit early you will get better pricing and a the unit of your choice.

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