Storage Ideas for UCF Dorms and Apartments

It’s August in which means it’s back to school for UCF students! College students everywhere are moving into their new dorms or apartments. Moving somewhere new means a complete revamp of a small, dusty, bare room is in order.

Use the space to the fullest in your UCF dorm with these unique ideas and techniques to store your items.

Don’t just use the walls and door for posters or wall art. Hang an over-the-door hook rack for jackets and towels. Use 3M Command™ Adhesive Hooks for the walls to hang anything from a cork board to picture frames. They are reusable, and can be cleanly removed from the walls.

In the closet, don’t forget the high and low storage possibilities. Maximize the closet space you are given. Use every nook and cranny!

Check out more dorm room ideas from The Container Store.

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