Solutions to the Sometimes Cumbersome Dorm Life

By now, you’ve probably heard the two extremes about living in a dorm room with another person: it’s either the greatest experience of college or its almost unbearable.  However, it’s not always as good as you hear but it’s also not always as bad as you hear.  Somewhere in the middle, it can be just right.

So have no fear, these solutions are sure to make your first year in a dorm room with another student as smooth as possible:


Sharing a room with someone can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before.  Maybe you don’t want your roommate to borrow that white dress shirt because, in the past, he returned the shirt in poor condition, with stains all over it.  Maybe you still haven’t received your favorite necklace that you lent to your roommate weeks ago.  Whatever the situation, you find yourself in a bind because you want to be giving and considerate of others, but your belongings are becoming ruined.  Renting a small storage unit nearby would not only rid you of the borrowing problems, but even free up some space in that cramped room of yours.

Lazy Roomate

Making the most out of the least

With little space in a dorm room, it’s tough to fit all the belongings of not one, but two people.  A clutter-free room is vital to maintaining good study habits.  Keeping seasonal clothes and other items that don’t get year-round use in a nearby storage unit allows for more space to study successfully.

view of a messy room


Essentially, your dorm room is rented from the school, allowing them full access to enter your room whenever they’d like whether you’re there or not.  It is important to keep your important belongings in a safe place- that is, not in the dorm- while you’re away for long weekends, holiday breaks, semesters abroad, etc.  A storage unit keeps items safe from unexpected surprises.

Super-size your room

There are many ways to make your small room seem bigger.  Opening windows, if any, adds nice light that can make a room feel more cheery and welcoming.  Artificial light can be used if sunlight can’t be obtained- adding a lamp or two around the room creates nice illumination.  Mirrors are key to making a room seem bigger.  Not only do mirrors reflect the light in the room, but they also maximize the room’s look.  One trick, from How Stuff Works, is to hang a mirror opposite a window.  Doing this can have an effect that makes it seem like there is another window in the room.


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