Reasons College Students Need a Storage Unit this Spring 2016

Winter break is coming to an end and the Spring 2016 semester is starting up for our UCF students. We want to make sure you finish out the school year with a bang! Semester breaks are hectic with a race for space. Not only do YOU come back from winter break, but all of those holiday gifts do as well. Many students are now discovering the benefits of keeping their belongings in a storage unit. Here are some reasons why:


Be Clutter free- Realizing you don’t have as much space as intended is a major problem. Boxes seem to start stacking in random places and you find your room cluttered. Living under boxes and totes isn’t comfortable to you or your roommate. Keeping your things in a storage unit can help keep your room free of clutter. Now that it’s spring you can store your winter clothing and sports gear in a small storage unit down the road. Being organized will help make your over-all college experience enjoyable.

Keep studies on track- Clutter can cause you to be late to class or cause you to be frustrated while studying. Trying to search through boxes for that flash drive or pair of shoes you wanted to wear can take a lot of time that college students simply don’t have. Studying while boxes are stacked all around the room can create a stressful and negative environment taking away from that important time. Keeping your room clutter free will help you finish your Spring 2016 semester with awesome grades!

Good for security purposes- When you’re away from your dorm you want to be sure your belongings are safe. When living in a dorm room you are living with tons of neighbors. If you have a storage unit rented you can drop off your valuables when you’re away for a long weekend or Spring break. It will help keep your belongings safe and secure. Not everyone goes home for breaks or weekends, so knowing your belongings are safe from any unexpected guests keeps your mind at ease.


Convenient Location- Having a storage unit that is convenient for quick drop offs is crucial. Instead of driving an hour home to drop off something, you can just drop it off at a storage unit near your school. You want the convenient location to be able to store your belongings. Personal Mini Storage has units right down the road from UCF’s campus.

Keep your roommates happy- Sharing a dorm room with others can be a challenge. Keeping the peace and making sure you both are happy with your living conditions is vital. You don’t want to make your roommate unhappy by keeping your room disorganized and cluttered. You want both of your spaces to be livable. Storing items at a storage unit can keep your roommate and yourself satisfied.

Keep your parents happy- Most parents have quite a few concerns when their child goes away for college. Especially since they aren’t there to give you advice or tell you what to do, like clean your room. Cleanliness and grades are just a few of the concerns they probably have. When they come to move you out for the summer they will be so pleased and proud to see how well kept your room is.

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