How to Master Your UCF To-Do List

Do you have a hard time remembering what you need to get done today, or where you need to go in the UCF area? Do you need help prioritizing your time? Have you ever forgotten to do homework for class? To-do lists are a great way to make sure every task you need to do gets done in a timely manner.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your to-do list is actually working!

  • Leave your list visible all day long. This will ensure that you stick to the tasks on the list, and stay on task.
  • Put the most important tasks/projects on the top of the list. If you list tasks by importance, the items needing the most attention will get done first.
  • Take breaks in between tasks, not in the middle of them. Give yourself a reward of a break after completely a task. Maybe do homework for one class, take a break, then start the next.
  • Motivate yourself with a “Done” list. Seeing items getting done will push you to complete more tasks.

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