4 Smart Ways to Stay Organized This School Year


Keeping your dorm room organized is rather difficult when trying to juggle school, a job, and maintain somewhat of a social life. You move in all of your belongings on move-in day and you seem to have your room completely organized. After Mom and Dad leave, your room somehow manages to become a disaster. You have no one reminding you to pick up your dirty clothes or your sports gear that lies in the middle of the floor. Maintaining an organized dorm room is important. It helps save time and stressful situations. It creates a better atmosphere for studying and looks great when your friends pop in without notice. Let’s look at some smart ways to stay organized this 2016-2017 school year!


1. Keep Your Necessities Organized

Start by keeping your bathroom products organized. Bathroom products, necessities, and first aid kits are a huge portion of the items you have in your dorm room. Keeping these products organized is a great first step.  If you have your own bathroom in your dorm room it is most likely small. Placing bins or other storage options in the bathroom take up too much space. Save space by using vertical storage. You can use an over the door spice rack or shoe organizer. This will keep your bathroom products neat and organized. If you don’t have your own bathroom, make sure to stay organized by using a shower caddy. This help you avoid forgetting your belongings and running back and forth from the community bathroom.


2. Plan & Schedule

Keeping a calendar is a great way to stay organized in college. You want to be able to see when that next big test is or when your paper is due. Create a calendar for your room that is visible so when you walk by you can’t miss the due date. Also try keeping a planner on hand. You can jot down events and dates when you are out of your room.


3. To Be Organized Is to Be Clean

Keeping your dorm room clean and tidy not only keeps your roommate happy but it helps keep your room organized. Use space saving products such as bins and baskets that fit under your bed to keep your belongings organized through out the semester. Rather than throwing your shoes where ever they will fit, keep them organized in stack-able drawers. This will save you time and stress. No more searching for that lost shoe or having your roommate yell at you to clean up your mess.


4. Desk Organization Is Key

How are you going to be motivated to study when you have piles of papers and books on top of your desk? Keeping your desk organized will be more motivation to study which in return will help you pass your classes.  To keep your desk clear of clutter whatever you take out  put back before you grab another item. You can use cheap organizers like toilet paper rolls or jars for pens and pencils. Keep your notes from class organized in binders and utilize binder clips to organize your cords.

Keeping your life in order is such a significant factor in college success. Organizing your dorm room is just one of the many positive habits you can obtain in order to succeed. Keep in mind these four ways to keep your room organized when cleaning your dorm room next.

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