4 Smart Ways to Stay Organized This School Year


Keeping your dorm room organized is rather difficult when trying to juggle school, a job, and maintain somewhat of a social life. You move in all of your belongings on move-in day and you seem to have your room completely organized. After Mom and Dad leave, your room somehow manages to become a disaster. You have no one reminding you to pick up your dirty clothes or your sports gear that lies in the middle of the floor. Maintaining an organized dorm room is important. It helps save time and stressful situations. It creates a better atmosphere for studying and looks great when your friends pop in without notice. Let’s look at some smart ways to stay organized this 2016-2017 school year!

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UCF Summer Storage: 5 Tips To Ensure a Stress Free Move-Out Day

Finals are around the corner and so is move out day. Some students are moving out of their dorms for summer and some even for good. There is nothing messier then a college dorm room after finals. Dirty clothes everywhere, dust bunnies on every surface, and trash overflowing onto the floor. Cleaning and packing is not the way you want to spend the last few days with your friends. Planning ahead with these 5 tips will make cleaning, packing, and moving less of a hassle and a faster process.


Be Prepared.

Buy boxes, tape, and other moving supplies early or remind mom and dad to bring them if they are helping you move out. Being prepared will save you time. You don’t want to have to run to the store in between packing because you ran out of tape.
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5 Steps to Prepare For Spring Break 2016

Spring Break is an exciting time of the year for college students. Many students count down the days and plan huge vacations with their group of friends. It’s important that you prepare well for the week you will be out of town and on vacation.  There are important steps you should take to prepare before heading off campus. These steps will help you have a safe and stress free spring break.


 1. Do your homework. It’s important to make sure your homework is done. School doesn’t stop completely and you often will have homework due the week of spring break or the week after.  You want to make sure you aren’t rushing or struggling to get your homework turned in on time. Vacations can sometimes be exhausting. You want to be able to relax once you get home before school starts back up, not rushing to get that particular assignment done.

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Reasons College Students Need a Storage Unit this Spring 2016

Winter break is coming to an end and the Spring 2016 semester is starting up for our UCF students. We want to make sure you finish out the school year with a bang! Semester breaks are hectic with a race for space. Not only do YOU come back from winter break, but all of those holiday gifts do as well. Many students are now discovering the benefits of keeping their belongings in a storage unit. Here are some reasons why:


Be Clutter free- Realizing you don’t have as much space as intended is a major problem. Boxes seem to start stacking in random places and you find your room cluttered. Living under boxes and totes isn’t comfortable to you or your roommate. Keeping your things in a storage unit can help keep your room free of clutter. Now that it’s spring you can store your winter clothing and sports gear in a small storage unit down the road. Being organized will help make your over-all college experience enjoyable.

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Solutions to the Sometimes Cumbersome Dorm Life

By now, you’ve probably heard the two extremes about living in a dorm room with another person: it’s either the greatest experience of college or its almost unbearable.  However, it’s not always as good as you hear but it’s also not always as bad as you hear.  Somewhere in the middle, it can be just right.

So have no fear, these solutions are sure to make your first year in a dorm room with another student as smooth as possible:


Sharing a room with someone can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before.  Maybe you don’t want your roommate to borrow that white dress shirt because, in the past, he returned the shirt in poor condition, with stains all over it.  Maybe you still haven’t received your favorite necklace that you lent to your roommate weeks ago.  Whatever the situation, you find yourself in a bind because you want to be giving and considerate of others, but your belongings are becoming ruined.  Renting a small storage unit nearby would not only rid you of the borrowing problems, but even free up some space in that cramped room of yours.

Lazy Roomate
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Getting ready for summer storage — updated maps and UCF student pricing.

For UCF students, summer storage is probably the last thing on your mind as final exams are quickly approaching. However, a little planning and taking care of your storage reservation early can relieve some of the overwhelming stress.

We’ve update our maps and directions so that you can quickly find our location:

We also updated our student storage pricing here that allows you to quickly reserve your storage space.

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Hey UCF! Save Some Money on Summer Storage.

First day of spring 2014Today’s the first day of spring! With only a month or so left in the spring semester (good luck with finals!), it’s time to think about where to store your stuff over the summer. While there is some time left before the end of the semester party, we recommend reserving a storage unit as soon as possible to ensure you get the right size and the lowest price.

We’re conveniently located near the University of Central Florida:

  • Personal Mini Storage is just 10 minutes from campus down on Forsyth Road between University Blvd and E Colonial Dr. View Facility Features

Also, check out The College Student’s Guide to Summer Storage for more information on when to get started, what items you may want to consider storing, and ways to save money on storage.

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Make Your Storage Invisible at UCF

The best storage is the storage you can’t see! Especially for small spaces, dorms and apartments in the UCF area, clutter can make a space feel cramped and in disarray. Try hiding your things in hidden locations around your dorm or apartment with these fun tips:

  • Furniture can double as storage. Spruce up your apartment and use a trunk as a table. You can also find a coffee table with hinges to pack blankets and pillows inside.
  • Every closet door is a storage opportunity. Small shelves can be attached to it, a shoe rack can hang from it, etc. Every space counts!
  • Don’t forget about your upper cabinet space in the kitchen. Kitchens in apartments are already small, so utilize all the space possible in your cabinets.

Check out more hidden storage tips at www.housebeautiful.com.

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Call us for any questions.
1-866-762-4888 or visit www.personalministorage.com

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UCF Student Summer Storage

Summertime is quickly approaching… what are you going to do with all of your STUFF? Packing it up in the car and road tripping back home barely seeing out your back window would not be fun – or safe! There’s no use in bringing it all back to your parent’s house then lugging it back to school once August rolls around again!

Personal Mini Storage has great student deals for over the summer rentals. Our storage facility is just minutes from UCF. Whether you and your roommates need to share a unit together, or you just need a small one for a few boxes, stop by and check out our different unit sizes or call us today for a quote. You can even reserve a unit by visiting us at www.personalministorage.com.

Don’t wait! Find the right size unit for you and your stuff today.

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How to Master Your UCF To-Do List

Do you have a hard time remembering what you need to get done today, or where you need to go in the UCF area? Do you need help prioritizing your time? Have you ever forgotten to do homework for class? To-do lists are a great way to make sure every task you need to do gets done in a timely manner.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your to-do list is actually working!

  • Leave your list visible all day long. This will ensure that you stick to the tasks on the list, and stay on task.
  • Put the most important tasks/projects on the top of the list. If you list tasks by importance, the items needing the most attention will get done first.
  • Take breaks in between tasks, not in the middle of them. Give yourself a reward of a break after completely a task. Maybe do homework for one class, take a break, then start the next.
  • Motivate yourself with a “Done” list. Seeing items getting done will push you to complete more tasks.

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Call us for any questions.
1-866-762-4888 or visit www.personalministorage.com

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